Rosanne Dingli has ample experience editing in various capacities since 1991. 

She has worked with academic presses, local governments, libraries, commercial periodicals and newspapers. 

Her typesetting experience dates from 1994.

Since 2010, she has acquired experience in formatting manuscripts

for paperbacks and ebooks.

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Random uninvited work

 What I generally say when you ask me to read your unpublished manuscript, whether it's full length, an excerpt, or rather short.
If you ask me politely, I will — regretfully and politely — say No.
I know it’s tempting, but please do not ask. Remember that reading, evaluating, and critiquing manuscripts is work. My job is writing, editing, evaluating and critiquing, and I cannot do it for nothing, because my income suffers. Many other aspects of life need time and attention. Like many writers, I also run a home and have hobbies and a partner. While I’m somewhat flattered you regard my opinion highly, please don’t put me in the position of having to refuse your request. 
Ask me for a quote, and I'll send you a rate card.

If you simply send me your material unrequested, without the courtesy of asking me before doing so, I will also say No — but I might be a bit more abrupt.